Changing lives one thought at a time. 






Changing lives one thought at a time.

Here at BMACC, we change lives one thought at a time, we believe that every action is a result of ones thoughts and feelings. In addition, each person was created to be in absolute control of how they think about what they think about. We strategically empower each client to develop the tools needed to process through their thoughts, navigate and explore their core belief and value systems, in essence discovering why they do what they do. We use faith based curriculum as well as Cognitive Behavior Therapy so each client can intervene in their thought process, whereby interrupting negative thought and behavioral patterns. If you want to change your life, you must develop the tools needed to change how you think about what you think about.

Our Services

Faith Based Services

We use faith based curriculum as one of our aides for our services. 

Mentoring Services

We offer services such as Family Mentoring, Couples Mentoring, Marriage Counseling, and Group Sessions. 

Speaking Engagements

I am available to speak at churches, schools, and other venues. 


"You are very knowledgeable about the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Being that you have a great foundation in this area makes it easier for you to teach it." 

—  Ray S.

—  Name, Title

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