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I have learned over my two decades of serving in ministry, teaching, counseling, and mentoring that most people, no matter how vast the margin of social-economics, educational backgrounds, ethnic and/or cultural diversity have this one similarity. This one constant which is consistently prevalent across the board, a person's daily struggle to control how they think about what they think about, and the temptation to be driven primarily by ones emotions. We live in a society that not only seems to celebrate emotionally driven behavioral patterns, but one where most people seem to negate all cognition (in other words they don't play the tape all the way through) basically selling out to the mantra. I will say, tweet, post, and do what I feel justified doing in the moment, giving very little, if any thought to the consequences. Although this may feel good and/or provide some sense of temporary relief, over time this leads to maladaptive behavior and lack of healthy prosocial coping skills. 

If this sounds like a bunch of clinical rhetoric, let me paint the picture in laymen's terms. When a person does not have the tools needed to effectively process their thoughts and feelings, they look for ways to either pacify their feelings or escape them all together. These methods of pacification usually comes in the form of unhealthy habits such as; substance use, abuse and eventually chemical dependency (addiction), overeating, over spending, episodes of explosive anger and/or rage, validation through sex and/or unhealthy co-dependent relationships.
Our Offerings

We facilitate court mandated and private educational sessions to assist clients with the tools to learn and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to renew minds by interrupting negative thinking and behavior patterns which lead to self-destruction. 

Our Team

Tamikia Lynne Bell


It is all in how you think about what you think about. My purpose as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Intern, Certified Anger Resolution Therapist,  SYMBIS Certified Marriage Facilitator and a Qualified Mental Health Professional,  is to help you help you.  I am an agent of change and it is my role to intervene in your thought process enable you with the tools to interrupt, realign and re-adjust the areas of your cognition which lead to toxic feelings, maladaptive behavior patterns and give way to unhealthy, nonproductive and self-defeating habits.  

Collectively I have over two decades of mentoring, teaching and counseling; women, men children and families. In addition I have invested several years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice as a Substance Abuse Counselor and group facilitator. I must say out of all the different hats I have worn, counseling behind prison walls have been the most challenging, but indeed the most rewarding.

It is actually  my experience in the criminal justice system as well working with children that has been my motivator, the driving force for me to go into private practice.   My under grad is in Psychology  and  the technique I used most Cognitive Behavior Therapy. This is  a method of therapy whereby changing people’s attitudes and their behavior by focusing on the thoughts, images, beliefs and attitudes that are held (a person’s cognitive processes) and how these processes relate to the way a person behaves, as a way of dealing with emotional problems.   However  at Bells Mentoring and Counseling we  offer our clients a more holistic approach, which includes  a faith based curriculum as well as other life skills to empower each client to not only recover but also ascertain a level of healing and self efficacy. 

At BMACC we change lives one thought at a time, please join us for our first live......or youtube channel ...or blog post. Stay up to date by subscribing to our mailing list! 

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