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20/20 Mindset in 2020

I was trying to come up with some prolific statement, a catchy phrase or one liner to make you want to navigate my sight, but I just figured "real talk" transparency would be the best way to engage.

Do you respond to people based on who they are or based on who you are?

Are most of your decisions well thought out or emotionally driven?

Did you know that 90% of the decisions that most people make are emotionally driven? Are you aware that there is a difference between reaction and responding?

Did you know that you can control your thoughts and it really is how you think about what you think about? 

Did you know that the need for instant gratification or the immediate relief of uncomfortableness is how most decisions are made?

A person’s thought process is the most valuable commodity they possess, intellectual property is priceless. However, thoughts are usually brushed aside to cater to those ever present self-centered screaming emotions; Listen to me! Do it my way! I want my way! Awe, now doesn’t that feel better? Sure, for the moment. Needless to say emotionally based decisions only yield temporary results, with lasting and often unwanted consequences. Whether it’s an unhealthy relationship, a vice such as:  (drugs, alcohol, shopping, food or sex) or emotional outburst of anger to control the people because you can’t control the situation; do you cater to your emotions?

As we rapidly approach 2020 make a commitment to change how you think about what you think about. Time to put your feelings where they belong.

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